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OMD, Stockholm / MCDONALD'S / 2015

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Pay your burger with empty cans! 10 cans for Ham- or Cheese burger, 40 cans for a Big Mac!

We arranged with the outdoor vendor to have branded trash bags instead of the posters, on a roll, easily taken off and used to collect your cans at the entrance to the festival area. So, outdoor poster and trash bag for your cans, in one saying that McDonald’s now accepts Cards, Cash and Cans as payment. The bags did not only gain attention at the outdoor site but also thanks to the visitors collecting cans at the festival.


Hundreds of cans were exchanged for burgers, but the big gain was that people welcomed the idea. In addition to help keeping the festival area clean the initiative was appreciated by the young audience who could get a meal without cash. McDonald’s has secured an invitation to next year and not only in Östersund. The can currency was spread though out McDonald’s globally suggesting doing it also at their local festivals. The recycling initiative also generated massive coverage in international media as the Guardian, Metro UK, Fast Company and in Industry press highlighting McDonald’s contribution to reduce litter.

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