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Care by Volvo Mobile App

GREY NEW YORK, New York / VOLVO / 2018

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Apple has revolutionized the way we live our lives with products that are designed down to the last detail to be equally beautiful and simple to use. The XC40 is similar to an iPhone in many ways, from how you buy it, to how seamlessly it works in your life. And because the XC40 does for cars what Apple has done for tech, we set out to launch it as the newest downloadable mobile app sold on iTunes App Store.

The Care By Volvo app, downloadable via the app store, allows consumers to customize their car, apply for it, and pay their deposit using Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, or a credit card. The seamless in-app experience makes the subscription sign-up and payment effortless.

Film and digital assets were also developed to reach Millennials creating further awareness of this new revolutionary app.


The new XC40 would be arriving in the spring and the app needed to be ready beforehand. The New York Auto Show was selected as the launch date to capitalize on buzz around the industry. The only problem is that left us with only a few short weeks to build and push a fully functional mobile app to the App Store. Oh, and also produce a marketing campaign around the app. Simple, right?

In 10 weeks, a fully functional app was designed and devloped that providing vehicle customization and selection, and in-app payment solution using popular payment methods such as Apple Pay, Venmo, and PayPal, all completely seamless and integrated with Volvo’s concierge headquarters. In parallel paths, :15 film were produced that called attention to the fact that we no longer have to buy many of the things we used to, driving users to download the app.


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