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MULLENLOWE, Boston / REXONA / 2018

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This is part of a larger campaign for Rexona with MotionSense. The first motion-activated deodorant that actually works better the more you move. As opposed to talking about the rational, we chose to inspire movement in all its amazing forms. Because movement has been at the center of every great human achievement since the dawn of time.

This idea is a universal truth. As humans, we have advanced in so many ways. We’ve developed smartphones and VR goggles, but somewhere along the line, we devolved. We got lazy and crawled back into our caves.

We show the arc of human progress through movement. It’s historically accurate, epic, poignant, and a little bit ridiculous. The oversimplification of our collective journey is part of the fun. We started out trying to find fire and now we’re searching for an outlet at the airport.

Rexona MotionSense. The first deodorant activated by movement.

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