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HAVAS LEMZ, Amsterdam / IKEA / 2018







The film kicks off with a sleep-deprived woman trying to put her tired and crying baby to bed while her partner helps her. The story continues, narrated in a soothing, poetic way, as the film shows the progress of the family’s energy levels in their sleep.

As the family falls asleep, a battery icon appears above their heads as a metaphor for recharging. As the night paces away, the magical ‘helping hand’ of IKEA redecorates the room: tidying things up, placing a new closet, hanging blinding curtains and even replacing the old bed with a comfortable boxspring. All without the family members waking up.

With every improvement, the energy percentages go up. Will they reach 100%? When the morning comes everybody in the room wakes up fully recharged and revived. The moms are looking peaceful and the boy is laughing. Such a difference with the opening scene!

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