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Allegro is the biggest e-commerce in Poland (like eBay in other regions of the world). From 1999 Allegro has been supporting charity auctions and campaigns in big scale. In 2014 Allegro created a new auction website that brings together all kinds of e-charity on the Internet in Poland.

Our strategic goal was to launch the platform and to inform the biggest brands in Poland that they can use for CSR activities. We have pushed the big brands to start auctions and to communicate their auction via their own social media and PR channels.


The I HELP envelope included a small booklet designed by us and produced especially for the campaign purposes which had a timer counting down 72 hours that got started upon the moment of opening the booklet. The first thing the addressee saw was the timer and after they read the content of the delivery, they learned that they had not more than 72 hours to start the auction. The recipients of the delivery admitted that the timer caused excitement and strongly motivated. As a part of the campaign, we created the landing page, where it was shown step by step how to start an auction on the platform and there was also information about the benefits of taking part in the actions. The top names within the charity arena in Poland – Anna Dymna, Ewa Blaszczyk and Jurek Owsiak became the ambassadors of the project. Campaign's time: 06-08.2014.


The objectives of the campaign were fully delivered. The vast majority of the addressees chose the I HELP envelope and a significant part decided to truly help. The action was discussed in the advertising sector, mentioned in the media, the launch was communicated among companies and the businesses invited willingly shared the information on their auctions via their marketing channels and thanked for being selected. Even celebrities got involved – TV star Dorota Zawadzka wrote to us and asked us to send her a courier. We effectively communicated the information to the recipients and engaged them to act. Hundreds of auctions appeared on the platform. The most expensive thing donated in our auction by a brand was worth 425 000 Euro! 127 press articles were published on the launch of the platform and the campaign. 105 billboards with the images of the campaign ambassadors appeared on the city streets.

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