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Polish Legends Allegro

ALLEGRO, Poznan / ALLEGRO / 2017

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We created original tales deeply rooted in Polish history and popular culture. The idea is to retell old Polish legends about noble features and vices. We wanted to show that courage, strength, pride, sacrifice or justice are still as important as they used to be. That creativity and out of the box thinking are important, no matter the times we live in.

Each movie was supposed to tell a different story. Eventually, we created a universe full of overlapping stories. Allegro decided to pick the best stories and heroes to create a framework, which required vast knowledge about Polish literature, popular culture and tourism. The whole project, starting with movie production and special effects, to music videos, short stories and an audiobook required involvement of many people such as writers, culture experts, futurists and even vloggers. The team behind Polish Legends shapes the content by carefully listening the audience.


The project involves, apart from three movies directed by Tomasz Baginski, a dedicated audiobook, e-book, covers of popular Polish songs and music videos.

The movies were published on YT (“Twardowsky 2.0” – September 16, 2016, “Operation Basilisk” – November 11, 2016, “Yaga” – December 9, 2016) and feature talented Polish actors such as: Robert Wieckiewicz, Piotr Machalica, Tomasz Drabek, Olaf Lubaszenko, Katarzyna Pospiech, Aleksandra Kasprzyk and Pawel Domagala. Moreover, “Wywiad z Borut?” written by Lukasz Orbitowski and Michal Cetnarowski was published as an e-book. Its audio version features Tomasz Drabek and Krystyna Janda.

Both versions are available for free at a dedicated website. The 120-minute story explains links between protagonists. Movies are supported by covers of popular Polish songs, including “Aleja Gwiazd”, “Mój jest ten kawalek podlogi”, “Kocham Wolnosc”, “Jezu jak sie ciesze” and “Jaskólka Uwieziona”. The music videos (September, November and December on YouTube) extend the Polish Legend universe.


We’ve created a consistent narrative universe that stands up to Hollywood standards. A universe that Poles longed for and a means to promote our culture – at home and abroad.


• Number of page views on YouTube: 10,608,852

• Number of positive ratings: 143,172 (97.33% of all ratings)

• Number of comments: 18,442

• New subscriptions: 80,000

• Youtube ads attracted only 15,4% of visits. The biggest source of visits were external sources, accounting for 13.7%.

• Approximately the project was mentioned 2,000 times in the press, on TV and on the radio.

• Additionally, “Polish Legends” were ranked 2nd, 3rd and 5th in the YouTube Ads Leaderboard: Poland 2016.

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