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Chase the Exerhighs

NORD DDB, Stockholm / BJORN BORG / 2019

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Björn Borg is a small sports fashion brand from Sweden, competing in a world of giants. Given they only has a fraction of the marketing budgets the bigger sports brands have, they always need to find new ways to stand out in the competition. Something that now is put on its ends when Björn Borg is about to launch its new sports wear collection.


There’s no news exercise does brilliant things with our bodies, what’s more fascinating is what it does to our brains. When working out your brain releases serotonin, adrenaline, dopamine and endorphins. These are the same substances released by ecstasy, LDS and other happy drugs. So Björn Borg released Chase The Exerhighs. A campaign linking exercise to taking happy drugs – manifested in one simple thought: Working out can make you high.


Science have told us that sports is good for us. It betters our health, but also our sex life, our iq and our confidence. However norms is holding people back from hitting the gym, pitch or track. Björn Borg is a brand that always have been breaking norms, that is why we created the communications platform "challenge norms within sports", to make the benefits of an active life available to the many.The first norm we ought to challenge was the notion that exercise has to be boring, something that is emphasized in all Björn Borgs competitors campaigns with serious people looking toughly into the camera. So we asked ourselves, what if we could make exercise fun? We gathered vast amount of data and found out that exercise activates the same signal substances as "happy drugs", like ecstacy does. So we decided to package sports and exercise as a "legal high".


Campaign unit’s inspired people that working out can actually get you high with a manner and tonality taken from the things you experience when on drugs. To prove this and give people a scientific angle on it a neurologic professor explained what happens in your brain when you work out, and the mechanics behind how these neurotransmitters puts you in this state of mind. Work out classes to reach the state of exerhighs together with others were held. Björn Borg even convinced people to swap drugs for sportswear - by turning a coffee shop in Amsterdam into a Coffee Swap. All to manifest one simple thought: That working out can get you high.


The campaign recived 18 million earned media impressions on Björn Borgs main markets in Europe.

95% positive coverage with campaign pictures, films and main messages deliverd.

Touch points in multiply important sectors for Björn Borg such as health, sports, business, trade, marketing and lifestyle.

Ultimately reaching over 2 million people on Björn Borg’s social channels.

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