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GARBERGS, Stockholm / BJORN BORG / 2015

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Our brief was to launch sports fashion brand Björn Borgs collection and reach their target group. For Björn Borg, that means 18-25 year olds, and knowingly, gaming is one of the most popular activities amongst them.

As a welcomed diversion from the fashion norm, the idea of First Person Lover was born. The game introduced a new platform for e-commerce; in-game shopping.

We launched First Person Lover at Stockholm Fashion Week, with a fashion show inspired by the game. The models wore masks from the playable characters. Thanks to the innovative approach, it became the most talked about show during fashion week and we gained free media coverage on prime time national TV.

Closer to the game launch, we released trailers on YouTube. The game was available at where visitors could play it in their browser or download it to their PC or Mac, follow a live leader board and view the new collection. As we developed the game, we spent a lot of time including elements that gamers would pick up and spread, hoping to reach influencers that would try out the game (and talk about it). This included everything from internet joke political references.

Post game launch, an outdoor campaign with our playable characters as fashion models was rolled out. We also showed a live global scoreboard on digital billboards on train stations. First Person Lover was covered in international media such as CBS News, The Washington Post, Spiegel Online, The Verge etc.


We launched First Person Lover on Stockholm Fashion Week with models wearing face masks as the playable characters of the game. We also released trailers from the game on Youtube, one of them spoofing Hatred – the most violent game ever made. On visitors could play the game directly in their browsers or download it (PC and Mac) and view a real time global score board. The campaign continued with an outdoor fashion campaign made in 3d with the playable characters. The global high score board was also shown in real time on digital billboards on train stations.


During launch week gaming site Kotaku called it ”one of the most fabolous things I’ve ever seen”. Playthroughs on Youtube has together generated more than 15 million views. The game has been played in 190 countries by 512000 unique players. The total earned reach is 44 million that in effect generated 20% increase in consideration in the target group. The business impact of the in-game shopping feature resulted in a 40% increase in sales on the Björn Borg webshop (YoY) and still today the game is the largest traffic driver after Google. And yes, Björn Borg increased their market share.

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