Cannes Lions

Chicken & Waffles

WIEDEN+KENNEDY, Portland / KFC / 2019







Colonel Sanders and Mrs. Butterworth are iconic advertising characters, each with a long history in American pop culture. With KFC's new menu item, Chicken & Waffles, we also brought them together in our campaign. We referenced an iconic scene from an iconic American movie, the "lift" scene from Dirty Dancing. Instead of Patrick Swayze lifting Jennifer Grey above his head at the end of their dance, Colonel Sanders lifted a life sized Mrs. Butterworth bottle.


We open wide on an empty dance studio. Colonel Sanders steps into frame as “Time of My Life” from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack begins to play. A human-sized, anthropomorphic bottle of Mrs. Butterworth syrups runs across the stage toward the Colonel, who lifts her above his head in time with the song. He spins her in the air, holding her aloft. As he does so, we cut to a long pan across a delicious-looking plate of KFC Chicken and Waffles as syrup pours across the decadent meal.

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