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Chivas Regal is an iconic and truly luxury whisky Brand in Russia, however is under strong competitor’s pressure within highly cluttered environment and tight legal restrictions (ban for advertising on TV, Radio, Outdoor, limited in creativity).

The challenge was breaking through the clutter and bringing Chivas to the top of the most preferred whiskeys in Russia, driving adoption among high affluent and high-net-worth individuals.From this perspective, PR was considered as the most effective communication tool to differentiate the Brand by creating unique & ownable content that would involve key consumer target into long-run conversations about true values such as generosity, brotherhood and optimism - Chivas Brand values.Campaign idea was to produce a culturally significant (short) film that would deliver these values, collaborating with a Russian noble film-maker Alexey German-Jr. and inspiring him for creating scenario about life, generosity and brotherhood, as well as involve celebrity actors into the cast.6-month 4-stage campaign was kick-off at Cannes Film Festival, followed by “Making of” stage, global premiere at Venice Film Festival and premiere in Moscow.The whole campaign generated above 1 million EUROs free media value with ROI above 210% covering all target mediasThe film itself got cinema industry and brand advocates recognitionofirst time in Russia the brand created a piece of art inspired by its values, not for product placement purposeoThe "From Tokyo" film became the first film sponsored by brand that was accepted to such a prestigious Venice Film Festival (short-movie program "Orizzonti").


In May, 2011, the campaign was kicked off at the Cannes Film Festival. The idea of the film creation was born and the partnership with noble film-maker, A. German, was announced. This resulted in the first PR-wave.From June to July, 2011, St.Petersburg, Moscow, the film production took place - scripting, shooting, editing. The second media wave surrounded the filming of the 'Making Of'.In September, 2011, at the Venice Film Festival, the film was deservedly accepted for the Venice film festival, becoming the first ever Russian film sponsored by a brand, all of which took part in such a prestigious film festival. This fact gave another spin on the campaign. The only unexpected challenge in the campaign came when we had to organise the press-tour within a very short time.On September 17th, 2011, in Moscow, the premiere and the press-conference took place. The event was widely covered by media.


- More than 1,000,000 euros' worth of PR redemption;- A return on the invested budget of 2:1;- PR coverage reaching media KPIs in a full media-plan; (Cover 1+ 40,9%; TA M 25-45 High Income); - Press/PR Coverage: - Target audience coverage in press = 40.9%, OTS; 3,236,600 (TA M 25-45); - Digital PR Coverage: Target audience coverage on the internet = OTS 26,351,000 (TA M 25-45) - Digital Advocacy - YouTube channel views = 61,138 for 3 months without any media push/among specific audiencePremier of the film inspired and sponsored by Brand within competition of Venice Film Festival 2011.

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