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Shiksha is P&G India’s flagship CSR program that has been building and supporting schools in places that don’t have one. With proceeds from the sale of every P&G product going towards helping Shiksha in this effort. And over the last 12 years, Shiksha has managed to build around 1500 schools impacting 1.2 million children (Increased to 1800 schools positively impacting 1.4 million children since the campaign launch)

While Shiksha has made an impact, the initiative felt transactional and lacked an emotional connect. Parallelly, it had low awareness amongst the people who have helped bring about this change - the ones who buy P&G products every day and help build and support these schools. The objective was the turn the habitual purpose into one of intent and communicate to the audience that when they choose P&G, they choose Shiksha.


This is the story of Appu, a boy who wanted to go to school. And his father who didn’t have the heart to tell him the harsh truth - that there are no schools near their village. Every day, we see Appu, getting ready for school. But his father tries distracting him in different ways, even getting the villagers to help out, either by luring him with a toy ship, scaring him with a fake tiger roar, or even by pretending a scooter breakdown. Days go by as Appu’s hope goes down, so does his father’s - who dreams of his child reaching for the stars someday. Then one day, he receives the golden call, as he takes Appu out and surprises him with an actual school that P&G Shiksha built. The smile and excitement on Appu’s face is eventually summed up by his father’s emotion.


The film titled #ChooseForChange captured the interest and emotions of the public, inspiring them to make their own little choices to change the lives of millions. In a way, P&G Shiksha told the story of a million children, through the story of one child.

The film was produced during the months of February, 2018 and eventually launched on May 2nd, 2018. Living predominantly on YouTube and the social media channels of P&G Shiksha.

With TIER 1 influencers such as India’s cricket team captain and celebrity moms, the influencer strategy voiced Shiksha along with the individual brand stories such as Ariel, Tide, Gillette etc.

The PR strategy concluded on May 31st, but the conversation was alive till June 27th through various publications like Logical Indian.

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