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MEDIACOM, New York / REVLON / 2016

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Our campaign was based on a hypothesis that habits have power, and that adopting a small ritual could help open a woman to love.

To test our idea, we invented a behavior intervention called the “Revlon Ritual” and packaged it in a kit that included makeup, breath mints and perfume. The last step in the Ritual is to take a deep breath, look in the mirror and smile.

We then asked 700 women to try the Ritual and report back. After just four days, 97% of participants saw a huge improvement in their love lives. The Love Study has scientifically demonstrated a clear link between a daily beauty ritual and an increased capacity for love.

Our hypothesis was now an insight grounded in fact. Next, we had to turn it into a creative idea and media plan that would connect with women and get them to choose Revlon again.


Revlon was everywhere. We launched programmatic TV, cinema, print and events to begin a groundswell. We then began paid search and social. We followed with the “Love Test” film featuring couples who’d participated in the Love Study, and worked with YouTube, Facebook, online influencers and female-targeted media and lifestyle sites to ensure the film was seen everywhere (40 million times).

We optimized Revlon’s mobile strategy to integrate all the owned and earned video we’d created in a way that made it easy to share.

Then we magnified it all with a massive Times Square digital billboard that received 3.7 million submissions from women eager to post photos of themselves and their loves. The board was connected to all top social sites and could both receive and send photos and videos. Every touch point – from the human to the most technical – worked together.


In the end, Choose Love delivered 4 billion total impressions and reached 63 million women. Most importantly, the campaign delivered a 2% increase in market share, the company’s first share improvement in more than a decade.

Two new products – a mascara and matte lipstick – shot to #1 for the first time ever during the campaign period.

And lastly, there’s been such strong demand for the products used by women following the Revlon Ritual that the company has created a new SKU for the Love Kit, which will be sold at retail.

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