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SOMESUCH & CO, London / COCA-COLA / 2012






The objective of this campaign was to use the Olympics to recruit new teen drinkers for Coca-Cola around the world.The challenge was that the Olympics is seen by most teenagers as cold and distant, and not particularly appealing.Our strategy was to focus on the social side of the Olympics; to show athletes, and the Olympics, in an informal, non-competitive fashion, to inspire teenagers to live a happy, active lifestyle.The creative idea was to create an anthem for the London 2012 Olympics, from the sounds of young Olympians that could get people everywhere moving. We commissioned Mark Ronson to produce the track and filmed him as he travelled around the world meeting athletes, getting to know them and recording their sounds, before inviting them to London to perform the track live for a teen audience.We used this story to create content for a variety of platforms including a 2 minute TV commercial.The epic cinematography gives our young Olympic hopefuls the revered platform they deserve.

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