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The branded entertainment is very active and popular amongst the consumer product market in Thailand. The current trend of producing branded entertainment programmes is buying well-known overseas TV programme formats, from the right owner, to adapt and develop into locally branded content to help create talk, and draw viewership traffic since the programme’s pre-launch phase. Many brands are being sole and/or co-sponsors, with aims to use the program as another tool to help create brand awareness, communicate product benefits and build brand engagement to targets. However, there are still restrictions from free TV stations. Censorship committees do not allow the mentioning of the brand name or the showing of the product benefits directly. If wish to do so, it would be charged as TV commercial rate. For creating branded content, via cable TV would be less of a restriction since there is no censorship there yet. It could also be more flexible for the team to create as much branded content as needed. Free TV only allows a few hours maximum for live broadcast programmes, except for royal family events and events held by the government. The airtime cost on free TV will also be more affordable for the brand.


- Using TV promo spots to promote and create excitement among the public waiting to watch our up-coming content- Using music artists to help draw traffic to the up-coming content- Use TV tie-in activities to help PR


- 65,000 Bangkok D/E teens attended- 8.8m teens nationwide connected with the program- Insert brand content and the fun atmosphere in every zones of the event so the viewers at home can also enjoy just like being in the same place- The live broadcast of the first day help pulled in even more teen participants on the second day- 70% of Teens now associate Coke as the no.1 music brand across all categories (TNS research) - TNS Research indicated that teens believe this event is the best they have attended, and 3/4 of participants now consider it the National Summer Festival. They will attend this event again and would recommend to their friends- Facebook fans tripled within a month- US$250,000 revenue from tickets sold with an 80% crown redemption rate- US$2.4m free media and PR (5.3x actual media investment) - Coke’s past 4-week consumption +6% vs -10% total markets YOY (as of May 2011)- National market share maintained vs -2% for Pepsi (as of May 2011)- Coke’s ‘Brand-love’ +2% nationally vs 0% growth for Pepsi (Coke B3 survey)

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