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The image designed for the Colli Ripani Collection is the best possible expression of the concept and the payoff "There's land and there's wine" ("c'è terra e c'è vino"), and describes the territory's value by celebrating the traits and characteristics that make it unique in the world. In fact, every wine is a story of the land it comes from, worthy of being told: the 10 wines in the line play witness to an original short story that tells of the Colli Ripani in 10 chapters. Each bottle is a piece of a puzzle, that when put together gives a complete picture of the Ripatransone territory. An idea that is given life in both the graphics and content of each label: a journey from one wine to another in 10 stages, that tell a unique story together.


All bottles in the capsule have a neutral color, which strengthens the Collection's identity with elegance. The label is large and enveloping, and changes from bottle to bottle thanks to the die-cut's special design: if placed side by side, the labels show the Hills' jagged profile. Each bottle also has emotional text: the 10 phrases make sense when read individually, but are also intended to give life to a single story if read in succession. Each bottle is numbered: a solution designed to encourage consumers to discover the complete line. The numbering also lends itself to the creation of dates: if the bottles are purchased by a couple, they become the means with which to celebrate the more important moments in life. Finally, the Winery's logo marks the label and introduces the brand with its system of elements in the information printed on the back.


The concept designed for the Colli Ripani Collection has provided significant turnover growth on the entire product range in foreign markets in Belgium, the Netherlands, and the USA, and Italy: a result that was registered in just the first 20 days after market placement. In addition to the economic results, the new Colli Ripani Collection has in turn strengthened the Winery brand's promise; in addition to the product's quality, it presents a convincing USP: the territory. The consumer can now extend their experience with wine, by bringing to the table a story to tell. In the same way, today the Winery can count on communication that brings its region’s history into the homes of consumers and the catering industry. Thanks to the new image of the line with the same name, the Winery offers wines that are valuable not only in their form, but also and especially in their content.

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