Coming Home

ÅKESTAM HOLST, Stockholm / IKEA / 2017

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A touristic looking woman is going by taxi through an Asian city. She looks newly arrived and tense, anxiously squeezing a small teddy bear. She arrives at an official looking building. She is escorted to an office where a man, looking like a medic, have her sign some papers. Then we see her in a waiting room with a nervous look. A door opens and in comes a caretaker with a 3-years old boy. We understand that she is adopting this child. She hands him the teddy bear and as they get acquainted her eyes fills with joyful tears. Now the woman and the boy are back in Sweden where we see them get out of a taxi at the woman’s house. We leave the couple as the boy takes in his new home where IKEA-child furniture and teddy bear makes for a comforting homecoming.

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