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The Chase challenge began with an online game, with seven levels – each based on different aspects of the Intel story and, for the die-hards, the chance to create their own level. Seeded across key gaming sites, this instantly created viral effect with the campaign spreading globally in days – far beyond our 6 key EMEA markets.Working with digital partners we extended The Chase into more online, mobile and gaming environments to create deeper engagement and ensure real understanding of Intel’s benefits.The creative integrated home page take-overs, video ads and other creative formats which helped build excitement and competitive spirit, sucking gamers into The Chase on the Facebook platform.Finally, we created bespoke assets accessed through Xbox live to give the ultimate version of the game, integrating MSN messenger to let users have a truly multiplatform experience.Offline users were also driven to the experience from Digital OOH.


Results clearly justified our change in approach with over 5.1 million voluntary interactions with the campaign.

The Chase game created 24,800 hours of interaction – or over 2.8 years of TV viewing, with almost 74,000 user generated levels being created The messenger game also delivered high engagement with 12,000 hours of game play.Our campaign went viral – reaching far more than our 6 target markets, with engagement in 130 markets clearly demonstrating The Chase game playability.Finally, and importantly we changed brand perception, with 44% of consumers making responds more likely to seek out a product with Intel inside.

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