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Creating a More Data-Centric, Agile and Resilient Company Culture: Enabling the Enablers of Analytics and Digital Transformation at HARMAN International


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In late 2019, HARMAN realized their global Analytics program was facing a variety of challenges, such as:

? A lack of awareness of resources and capabilities, which:

? Drove disparate approaches to data use, and,

? Increased operational costs.

? Unconsolidated technology resources, which led to:

? Slow, often static speed to insight, and,

? An impaired employee analytics experience.

? High levels of dependency on the Analytics team, driven by

? Limited tool adoption and data literacy, creating

? A growing backlog of requests.

These challenges were compounded by the need to also support increasing Digital Transformation demands. The need to resolve this situation inspired HARMAN to create three categories of improvement objectives:

1. Organizational Impacts:

? Creating a Data Fluent workforce;

? Increasing productivity; and,

? Enhancing internal data culture and talent retention.

2. Operational Impacts:

? A simplified environment for using and trusting data;

? Improved engagement with Analytics tools and the Analytics team; and.

? Enabling faster speed to insight and more accurate decisions.

3. Strategic Impacts:

? Expand Analytics scope to all business units; and,

? A transformed business model that is highly data-centric - helping to create better impact on customers and the world.


To help meet leadership objectives, HARMAN Analytics was inspired to rebrand itself - replete with a new logo, mission, vision, and brand book of communication guidelines.

To create awareness, the new brand was activated with vehicles such as:

? A new Digital portal for the team, laden with content, such as leadership testimonial videos;

? A new Analytics collaboration platform, which digitally transformed how Analytics is done;

? A new enterprise Data Literacy program, designed to foster education;

? For leaders, a new “adoption tracker” to measure progress and engagement;

? A simplified technology infrastructure, further engendering data trust; and,

? A calendar of internal micro-campaigns and events, which led up to the global launch of the new brand, portal and analytics platform in July 2020:

? As part of the launch, branded merchandise was given away to further aid with generating employee excitement and awareness.

The delivery of this business transformation was guided using a strategic roadmap, informed by heuristic techniques and behavioral economics. Elements of this initiative were tested and piloted with small internal groups prior to the global launch; feedback from pilots led to Analytics platform design enhancements, in order to further improve the employee experience.

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