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McCANN LONDON, London / XBOX / 2011






Xbox asked us to produce a film celebrating Dance Central’s sponsorship of Kylie Minogue’s Aphrodite tour of Europe.With Dance Central on Xbox Kinect, you’re whole body is the controller. We noticed that when people play, they become every bit as absorbed as a Kylie fan in the front row of a concert.For, when you are in the moment dancing to a Kylie track on Dance Central, you feel like you ARE Kylie. It doesn’t matter if you don’t look like her, sing like her, or are even the same gender as her. If you can shake it like a diva, you can feel like a diva.As our film’s deluded protagonist, Darren, demonstrates, play enough Dance Central and one day you might be good enough to Out Dance Kylie, herself.

The film was released on sites including YouTube, Xbox Facebook Pages,, Xbox LIVE, MSN, and It was part of an integrated campaign that included live Can You Out Dance Kylie? events at the gigs, and Can You Out Dance Kylie? competitions in twelve European countries where people could win tickets by uploading videos of themselves doing their best Kylie moves on Dance Central.

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