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We were appointed by Lidl to develop a PR campaign to challenge misconceptions about the Lidl brand, and its food quality and price. Our role was to introduce their low-cost, premium product to a wider audience of disbelievers.

Working with production company The Black Arts Agency, and Lidl’s in house team, we developed a PR campaign to launch Deluxe, a limited edition restaurant with a secret surprise for diners. The restaurant popped-up for 4 weeks in London’s trendy Spitalfields neighbourhood on 14 November 2014, and closed having won hearts and minds of prospective Lidl shoppers.

To achieve media coverage GSC dubbed Deluxe as a ‘non-restaurant-restaurant’ and refined the concept for maximum PR impact. Deluxe served delicious meals created entirely from ingredients available for purchase from Lidl. The menu was designed to offer meals that could easily be recreated at home.

There was a twist. At the end of the meal diners experienced a ‘Lidl Surprise’ and a link to the brand. When the bill arrived, they were charged only the Lidl till receipt for what they’d eaten, not the original menu price.

A further challenge was to launch a new London restaurant in a crowded market whilst balancing a reveal of the company behind it within only 4 weeks.

The campaign far surpassed its KPIs and secured media coverage with over 1,194,209,513 impressions. Through Deluxe, we also encouraged a wider audience to trial Lidl during the festive season when inspired home-cooking is forefront in the minds of shoppers.


Deluxe was open to the public for four weeks only, opening its doors on 14 November 2014.

The campaign ran to the original plan and was executed as follows:

1) Creation of a pop-up activation - Deluxe was built in London’s vibrant Spitalfields area, with hints about Lidl and playful touches, including plates that said ‘Surprise’ in different languages, and a separate door for 'little ones’ to enter

2) Fundraiser for CLIC Sargent for launch event - developed a creative photocall for media and managed celebrity visitors including the English television presenter Anthea Turner and renowned hair stylist, Nicky Clarke

3) Media – managed an intensive media relations campaign carefully controlled over four weeks.


GOAL: Generate media coverage to introduce Lidl’s low-cost premium product to a wider audience of disbelievers & to highlight Lidl’s innovation

- 117 pieces of coverage achieved valued at £4,008,377, reaching 1,194,209,513

GOAL: Drive bookings and awareness by promoting Deluxe as a new temporary London restaurant drive

- Total number of covers = 1,326 ( 79% of total available capacity)

- Reservations over operating period were at 86% of total available capacity

- Total covers as a % of reservations made – an astonishing 92%

- No show* rate of only 8% - industry standard is up to 20% (*covers/reservations)

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