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WE ARE PI, Amsterdam / DESPERADOS / 2023

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Desperados is an unusual beer with unusual ingredients - containing a mix of beer and tequila. The brand has largely grown by hosting unusual parties on the festival circuit for many years - from parties in zero gravity, hot air balloons and to underwater experiences. Despite the success of this, they wanted to bring the essence of these parties to a larger audience who aren’t necessarily at festivals.

As a result of that, “pour some unusual on your usual” was born. A film that wanted to encourage all people to go beyond the usual in their everyday lives and choice of beverage. It was also something that really played to our product strengths of being an unusual beer in a category dominated by beer.


As we wanted to re-establish our brand story and increase general awareness and consideration for the brand, Desperados created a film that would be broadcast in 6


The film launched the 360 campaign called "Pour Some Unusual On Your Usual" and is a call to arms for everyone to try something a little different in their lives. This can be a step outside of their everyday routine, try a different beer to their usual' such as a beer with a tequila in it like Desperados, or preferably both!

In the execution we see an uptight middle aged woman arrive to complain at a noisy house party. Instead of asking to turn the music down she tries something a little different and asks them to turn the music up. This results in her being invited into the party where she meets a whole host of others who are trying something a little different and she joins in too.

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