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The idea: Create noteworthy kits, authentically identifying each brand. Then, select key influencers to drive awareness and affinity for the single malts. Influencers received all three kits, educating them on the products and their stories.

To properly tell the stories of Aultmore, The Deveron and Royal Brackla, the kits became tomes – brought to life through artwork, media content, premiums and a bottle of the product. From distinct covers to carefully crafted details, the tomes were intentionally concepted to communicate the tale of each whisky.

Typically, brands send a new product to an influencer and hope for the best. Created with high-quality materials and unique design elements, we sent the influencers our whisky with more than just a bottle of whisky: we gave them an experience through one-of-a-kind kits and gifts that spoke to the lore behind each dram.


Mystery of the Buckie Road, is a journey through Aultmore Single Malt’s “foggie moss,” where the distillery sits in a secluded area. Premiums include a story printed with hidden numbers revealed by a UV light. The numbers correspond with a USB housing media content. Behind the book is a Glencairn glass and bottle of Aultmore 12 Year.

The Deveron Single Malt, known as The Calm from the Storm, hails from the banks of the River Deveron. Upon opening the tome, a map flocks with a removable captain’s log and compass USB. A branded Glencairn glass and watch is included with the whisky held in by fisherman knots.

The Drink Divine refers to Royal Brackla Single Malt, which was founded near the famous Cawdor Castle. Wood and velour details create an elegant tome fit for a king. A removable serving tray holds a wooden box, stag horn letter opener and whisky.


Among the 23 influencers we sent tomes to, the campaign thus far has garnered over 2.5MM impressions date (Note: we still expect extra coverage from three influencers). Our influencers, now fans of the brands, tweeted, Instagrammed, blogged and video-reviewed the whiskies with high praise. Many noted these were the best packaging they’d ever seen, taking particular interest into the detail and care put into the design. Of course, they were also eager to try the whisky.

One particular influencer, Josh Stewart, enjoyed Royal Brackla before the premiere of his latest movie, “The Finest Hours.” This led to a prominent placement gaining more than 100,000 of our total impressions.

Another influencer writes for The Detroit News, increasing our coverage through a press placement on Her story helped tie the arrival of the malts to the U.S. with local Detroit whisky tastings, reaching an extended audience of whisky fans.

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