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NETEASE, Beijing / DIDI / 2016

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On every Monday, urban residents in China would face painful traffic jam, worrying about being late and crowded buses, so "unhappy" has long been the state of most white-collar workers on Monday. Complaining (venting) is the favorite way of these residents to release stress, from which born the culture of our comments (which has a history of 15 years). Sympathizing with users’ sore point, Orange Monday joined in residents’ complaining comments and let more consumers take part in it, so as to enhance the sense of reality instead of just watching a long plotted marketing campaign.


Phase I (May 24-25,2015): create atmosphere by means of immersion experiences. The spectacular event of “Free Express”was 24-hour live broadcast using information flow of our news client, displaying the free orders, funny drivers and travel data in real time,passing the joy of free ride to more people in Internet style language. Phase II (June 1,2015): highlight key scenes and share the bitterness and joy with consumers at different times. Our editors took to the streets and interviewed users in 5 day parts to obtain real feedbacks and broadcast them using information flow of our news client at the same day part, giving users immersion experience. 0:00:"Orange Monday, Free DiDi in 11 dialects" 9:00 am:"I’m annoying" during morning peak with residents complaining traffic awkwardness, giving immersion experience to people on the road. 12:00 pm: special edition of "Does money matter?"on Children's Day 15:00 pm:"Don’t Miss the Free Ride"19:00 pm:"On Overtime“, with residents accusing the evil of overtime, free DiDi gives you a bit of comfort.


Phase I (May 25, 2015): news client, information flow of headlines - [24 hours live]

91 live broadcasts throughout the day (190% of estimated 48)

Page PVs: 787,770

Page UVs: 634,135 (630% of estimated 100,000)

Comments: 109,652

Rate of sharing: 38% (190% of expected 20%)

Phase II (June 1, 2015): The Most Orange Street Interview

Played at video information flow: 600,018

Page PVs: 257,587

Page UVs: 188,296 (188% of estimated 100,000)

An accompanying poll showed that 40% would like to try DiDi Express, so brand awareness and preference was effectively enhanced!

(58,128 persons participated in the poll).

2.15 million passengers used "Free Express" on May 25; 3.85 million orders were accomplished on June 1.

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