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STARCOM, Taipei City / COCA-COLA / 2020

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2020, is the year of the 15th Presidential Election in Taiwan. The situation is very similar to the US which people are divided due to supporting different political parties since late 2019. The impact is hugely affected on society, media and individuals. The tension even extended into families, parents and kids stop talking to each other because of their perspective conflict of politics and other social topics, such as LGBT marriage right. Right after the election, the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly widen social distancing, snatching away the chance to minimize the gap in our society and mind.

As a brand who encourage equality and peace around the world, Coca-Cola believe we should help Taiwan at this critical moment. Therefore, we leverage the City Pack campaign to go deeper into each city culture, insight and lifestyle, uplifting Taiwan people by uniting and bridging them from social cleavage in such a difficult year.


By using data mining technology, we find unique local lifestyles and insights for each cities. Those data are provided to creative agency for developing inspiring engaging content including Facebook AR filter design, interactive post and fun personality test. Consumers can use AR filter to show which cities they come from and express their love of hometown under the post, and test which city they belong to. Finally, Taiwan Map 2.0 is co-created with participants from their social feedback along with the launching of Taiwan pack and a compelling long branding video about Taiwan.


We identify the truth about local insight and connect people with the similar attributes. In order to succeed, the content must be really insightful to trigger resonation of consumers on social media. It is tough, but we know where to start which is the social media. We implement data mining technology to dig out the local insight city by city, including how people talk, what they care about the most, and how they feel about themselves on Facebook and the biggest local forums-PTT in Taiwan. We find the most relevant and real insight from the groups of different cities and know how they describe their hometown.

The strategy is to create engaging activities from insight, then encourage consumers to interact with Coca-Cola on social platform.


Massive announcement of 10 city packs was launched including TV, Taipei Metro Station and digital news channels to boost campaign’s awareness by focusing on the detail of the city packs’ design and keyword of each cities. Extending freshness of the packs, we collaborated with 10 KOLs from 10 cities to elaborate their city insights and invite fans to contribute their local story as well.

We created engaging activities, such as “Finding your city ID”, “Beyond the 10 cities” and IG photo filter to engage with consumers through Facebook & Instagram. Comments were collected which help us to go viral on social. More importantly, Taiwan Map 2.0 was co-created with participants from their social feedbacks along with the launching of Taiwan pack and a compelling video about Taiwan.

Finally we initiated a “Thank you” campaign to encourage people to show their appreciation of others as the ending of the summer campaign.


From embracing the difference of each cities, to finally unite Taiwanese, the campaign is extremely successful. The engagement rates for all our social activities post are 60% higher than past campaigns posts. VTR of the long form video is 29% higher even comparing to short form video (TVC). Moreover, during the campaign period (Apr.-Jun.), the social positive feedback for Coca-Cola is 48% better than non-campaign period which shows that we successfully uplift consumers’ emotion and engagement during the pandemic. While Coca-Cola successfully uplifted Taiwan people, people returned their appreciation by uplifting Coca-Cola’s sales and brand health index significantly! Our sales grew 7%. Market value share increased 3 pts. Even brand love score raised 3% from a high-standard base of a mature brand like Coca-Cola

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