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DDB, Copenhagen / ROYAL UNIBREW / 2011






We created Denmark's longest soccer relay race, from Skagen up north to the capital, Copenhagen. We encouraged the consumers to sign up for a stage of the route and thus become part of the campaign. We let a film crew follow the event.

This way all of Denmark had the opportunity to follow the ball on its journey via our website. And it was a fantastic journey. The ball was dribbled in every possible way; on streets, roads, pavements and fields, through supermarkets, TV studios and the ball even passed three super league stadiums on its way to Tivoli in Copenhagen.


The idea of a long football relay race across the country evolved a lot as we were working on it:- We initiated the event via Facebook, website and web banners.- We produced a traditional TVC to get people to sign up and created 'talk of town' effect by letting Brizze, Danish champion of freestyle football, kick-off the event.- We encouraged the participants to dribble the ball in every creative way they could think of.- A film crew followed the ball on the route and we produced 'Highlights of the day' films that went online.- We entered a comprehensive cooperation with Denmark’s biggest supermarket chain, Bilka. The route went through every Bilka store in the country, creating several retail events with special offers and various activities.- We cooperated with Tivoli, the end point of the race, and turned the world famous amusement park into one big football playground.


When you read the following numbers, please bear in mind that Denmark has a population of just five mill.

People:- We had more than 5.000 participants on the route from Skagen to Copenhagen.- More than 50.000 unique visitors and 400.000 page views on More than 80.000 participating fans on Facebook.- Publicity through national, regional and local media worth more than DKK 1.5 mill.- And finally, the Faxe Kondi market share went up 14% while Coca-Cola lost 9%.

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