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In a world that is too full of negativity and seriousness, we brought people two silly words that could be used to celebrate anything: an NFL touchdown, a wedding toast or even just be a friendly greeting. We started with a film which celebrates the friends who bring beer everyone can enjoy together. To make it more memorable, we set the story in a medieval world and added a bit of nonsense. When something good happened people cheered, “Dilly Dilly.” We kept the fun, medieval theme as we created additional films and social content to keep people talking and celebrating together. And hopefully bring just a little more fun to the world.


We launched our first medieval film the Sunday the incredibly popular television show Game of Thrones aired its season finale. We provided fans with gifs/memes they could use to comment on games. People created their own content, t-shirts, hats and costumes. To keep the conversation fresh, we added different Dilly Dilly stories during key events like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Around this time, a craft brewer made a Dilly Dilly IPA which was an infringement on our copyright. So rather than suing, we sent them a friendly cease and desist letter read aloud by a town crier and gave them two tickets to the Super Bowl. A gesture celebrated by law and craft brewer publications alike. Next, we created an epic Dilly Dilly moment at the Super Bowl then went to Philadelphia where we gave everyone in the city free beer and finally showed up at the Masters tournament.


Share of market and conversation

Created growth in market share for the first time in over a year

Created positive trends in consideration

15% increase in positive sentiment online

24% increase in share of social conversation to almost 70% at the expense of key competitors

Impact on audience

Over 61% (152m people) of the U.S. adult population has heard of “Dilly Dilly” (An independent study from Civil Science)

12% (33m people) say the phrase and like it

Users are happier than those who aren’t

Used equally by democrats and republicans

Over four billion earned media impressions

Over one million mentions on social media

1.1 million Google searches per month (at peak)

The most used hashtag at the Super Bowl

Was a top five phrase on the internet in December above, “turnt.”

3,300 PR and news articles

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