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MAXUS, Mumbai / TATA / 2012

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Imagine this: you are watching the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Matrix’ on your favourite movie channel. Neo (Keanu Reeves) is involved in an intense gun fight with Agent Smith (Villain). While Neo is shooting at Smith, a released bullet pauses mid-air; the scene then rewinds, the bullet traces back its path and goes back into Neo’s gun barrel. The scene replays and zooms in on Neo’s finger. A screen message with a voiceover follows - ‘Did you miss the drop of blood that fell off Neo’s bleeding finger while he pulled the trigger?’ ‘If you did, then switch to Tata Sky HD, because on Tata Sky HD you can see even such minute elements in great details’. We replicated similar execution across 16 blockbusters Indian movies on popular movie channels. At each instance, we highlighted the elements that viewers were missing in their SD-feed. We made viewers rethink their belief of picture clarity.


The demonstration helped 36 million people experience the differential picture clarity of an HD TV-feed. Thus, making them realise that the picture clarity is much more than just a ‘Picture minus Disturbance’. The brand track scores post campaign period for ‘Product Relevancy’ and ‘Intent-To-Buy’ increased by 11% & 9% respectively (Source – GFK Mode). Tata Sky sold a record 72,000 HD boxes post campaign. In the process, it also became the player with highest market share in the nascent DTH-HD Boxes category. The solution set a perfect example of how a media, stand alone, can deliver on a marketing objective.

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