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MINDSHARE , Mumbai / UNILEVER / 2010

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Toilet hygiene was a cause of major concern in Indian Railways and any activity to improve the toilets in deplorable condition gets noticed by a large number of people. Therefore it’s a strong medium to increase awareness and build brand proposition by providing service of germ free toilets at place where commuters required it the most.A communication model with multiple points of messaging throughout the journey was designed to endorse product proposition that Domex destroys germs and keep toilets hygienically clean.

The communication model included:Branding in and around toilets with 'Jaggu Jaundice' the animated germ in Domex ads.Display of trivia sheets outside toilet doors giving germ facts, Domex ingredients & its benefits along with Product Display near the toilet bowl.Multiple audio messages on the Public Address System re-affirming 'Germ Facts' e.g. “Did you know that even in a toilet that looks visibly clean, there exists 189 types of germs”.

Hygienically clean train toilets provided by Domex bought live the engage to experience model.


Germ kill proposition up by 38%, Remove stubborn stains up by 29% and Brand usage up from 24% to 26% post the activity.

Brand received extensive PR coverage. Editorials about brand’s initiative for building germ free environment for the nation were written in 14 leading newspapers of the country. Leading News channels like CNBC, NDTV group and popular websites like Reuters, DNA online, Agency FAQ’s, and Exchange 4 media also covered the cause.

Top Radio stations covered interviews of founder of WTO, VP Home care and Global Hygiene Manager HUL urging people to be conscious about healthy toilets and hence opting for the right toilet cleaner.

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