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OMD, New York / DORITOS / 2023


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Triangles are everywhere, but has anyone ever looked at them and thought, “Hey, that looks like a Doritos chip?” Doritos set out to create a narrative, deepening brand love and distinction in the salty snack category by instilling the idea that Doritos can be seen in triangles everywhere. To win among competitors means to win with Gen Z.

To win with Gen Z means you must break away from a traditional media campaign. This audience doesn’t respond to traditional advertising, so cutting through meant showing them the world in a totally new way – turning the ordinary into extraordinary by giving fans the power to unlock exclusive prizes by finding and engaging with triangles in the wild.

Ultimately, Doritos set out to give triangles a whole new meaning, leveraging their equity in this iconic shape to prove that triangles are everywhere! And to sell more chips.


Doritos set out to deepen the love for the brand with Gen Z by gamifying the world. Before we gave consumers the ability to convert real-world triangles into Doritos, we needed to go beyond social and digital with an extraordinary display to exemplify that Doritos = Triangles. The program launch phase would do just that, turning triangles in the wild into Doritos via experiential building takeovers that send consumers on a larger triangle hunt.

- Capture the attention of brand fans by providing a unique and unforgettable experience in select markets that generated buzz and intrigue

- Scale the experience to consumers nationwide through a stimulating social challenge

For a first-of-its-kind out-of-home execution, Doritos needed a partner that could 1) locate and partner with existing triangle-shaped landmarks and 2) transform these landmarks into giant Doritos chips.


Doritos enlisted KAP Media Group to identify eye-catching triangle-shaped buildings across high-traffic US metros. The most impactful locations were the impressive New York City structure, West 57th and 11th in New York City, the towering 101 Marietta in Atlanta, and the iconic Bass Pro Shop in Memphis. Doritos lit up these buildings to look just like the classic Doritos Nacho Cheese chip. Through weeks of challenges in color-matching, weather-proofing, and securing city approvals, the stellar collaboration resulted in an epic 2-day activation.

This kicked off a social challenge, rewarding fans for finding and posting specific triangles for cash prizes. Brand ambassadors at all three Doritos landmarks helped visitors and passers-by take pictures from the right angle, while influencers hyped each location on TikTok & Instagram. The activation served as the launch of the larger Doritos Triangle Tracker program, bringing consumers even more opportunities to unlock unique prizes and experiences.


Doritos saw record engagement from Gen Z fans by breaking through culture with attention-grabbing out of home.

• 93% of program-earned coverage mentioned the OOH locations in New York City, Atlanta, and Memphis

• 99% of Finder’s Fee social mentions expressed positive or neutral sentiment

• Helped drive 42.8MM views of #DoritosTriangleTracker content on TikTok

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