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GUT, Mexico City / ABINBEV / 2022

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Up until 2021 Michelob Ultra had dedicated their communication efforts towards the product in Mexico, and with a savage competitor (Amstel Ultra) focused on following our every move, it was necessary to create a campaign made to share the brand’s point of view in terms of having a balanced lifestyle based on an insight from our audience’s behavior to ensure we would be truly connecting with them. This meant, we needed to find the link between our purpose to redefine the conventions of well-being with what they were going through in said category.

Our goal was simple, to create an emotional connection with our consumers by building awareness of our brand’s positioning via a campaign that could set us apart from our competitor and to show everyone that when it comes to wellness, “It’s only worth it, if you enjoy it”.


Michelob Ultra believes that FIT and FUN are not opposites. In recent years the brand has shown people that you can live together, because whatever you do, it's only worth it if you enjoy it.

That's why we decided to find the FUN side to one of the boring things in fitness: DRY-FITS. They are monotonous, boring and generic. They are practically a uniform. That's why we decided to create DRY-FUN, the DRY-FITS that actually say something about your personality.

Our collection brought together the best technology that is available in exercise shirts and the best designs from the most important Mexican artists in different styles that range from anime to rock.


Our target audience (35+) are called “Balance seekers”, those who are wellness-oriented and open to new ideas. They already know who they are and frankly they like themselves a lot! As soon as the pandemic hit, they started prioritizing their health goals a lot more but knew they had to do it on their own terms. Sacrifice is out of the question in order to achieve a better lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean they have it all figured out yet.

Adopting a balanced way of life has nothing to do with following rules and all about having the right values to put into practice, however they work for you. That is exactly what we wanted to do for them, become a facilitator that encourages and celebrates their wellness journey, after all, what better moment to have a beer than a celebration of something you achieved, better yet enjoy?


Michelob Ultra created a line of DRY FUN clothing suitable to show off your personality while working out.

We have collaborated with the most important Mexican artists of today to create a whole range of designs that go from anime to rock. We have used the same technology that fitness shirts use, so our result turned into a collection with very fit materials that keep you cool while exercising, but with designs that make them 1000% more FUN.

We did a fashion shooting, like any sportswear brand, and we presented our collection with a catwalk at the most famous store in Mexico City.


During the launch of the campaign the sales of the brand grew over 40% compared to the preview quarter, this growth also impacted the most important indicator of brand health: Brand´s Power taking it higher than any previews campaigns.

Our performance in digital was higher than we anticipated having a 60% reach that created an overall conversion rate of 72% and impacting 53 million unique users on social media. Not only were we able to reach our primarily target audience but had better results in our secondary audiences than any campaign in 2021.

On social media we had over 59 million views of our hero video, and over all the campaign obtained a digital reach of over 45 million users, higher results than we anticipated.

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