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Brahma Beer Bet

AKQA, Sao Paulo / ABINBEV / 2020

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Maybe this has already happened to you: you bet beer with a "friend", you seal the deal, your team wins, but you end up empty handed. But the thing is: when you don’t get paid, we don’t sell beers. So, how could the main Brazilian beer join this conversation and end the odds of a default?


Through an innovative use of e-commerce, we conditioned the purchase and delivery of Brahma beers according to the match results. How does it work? The football fan chooses a match, the winning team and challenges a friend. Just after the match is over, the beer is billed on the loser's card and delivered into the winner's house in less than 30 minutes.


Our target audience was basically Brazilian football fans and we made sure they received the message. We spread the word about Brahma Beer Bet through a film and on social media. We even used the football team’s social media to make sure their supporters would know about the service.


We launched the service with a film and a media plan designed to tackle football fans all over Brazil. Brahma Beer Bet also took over the social media, as famous fans began to challenge each other.


Brazilians love football as much as they love beer. So, just after being launched, the service became the sports headline of the biggest Brazilian newspapers. Our delivery service reached the milestone of 1,000,000 users, consolidating the best quarter ever in liters of beers delivered. But more than selling beers, Brahma Beer Bet became a continuous entertainment platform that puts the brand in the center of fans conversation, match after match.

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