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In short, we took the ingredients from famous still life paintings by Dutch Masters and turned them into juices using Philips blenders, so that people could 'taste a masterpiece'. We gave people a healthy taste of art and got the topic of fruit and veg back on people’s lips. The juice range was launched next to the masterpieces themselves and made available throughout the Rijksmuseum. We used 'Still Life with Flowers and Fruit by Jan van Huysum (1728), Still Life with Cheese by Floris van Dijck (1615) and 'Fruit in a Terracotta Dish' by Anthony Oberman (1830). To reach a wider audience, we released an online film featuring an audacious art theft, where we stole the fruit & veg from these famous still life painting and turned them into juices.


To kick things off, we took the fruit & vegetables from priceless paintings by Dutch Masters & turned them into healthy juices using a Philips blender. Visitors to the Rijksmuseum were greeted with a glass of a Dutch MasterJuice. The juices were launched at an event alongside the masterpieces themselves as unsuspecting visitors and media invitees alike could taste the juices - fresh from the Philips blender. From a simple product demo event, the media then broadcasted our healthy living message for us. To reach a wider audience we released an online film, featuring an audacious art theft, where we stole the fruits from these famous still life paintings. We also pushed 'How To' films across social channels so that everyone at home could enjoy the taste of a Dutch masterpiece. After the initial launch, the campaign continues to run and gather PR coverage across the world.


After only 3 weeks, European & worldwide media picked up the stunt and re-ignited the discussion on how fruit and vegetables are crucial for our health and well-being. The campaign appeared in news channels and health blogs like Women’s Health, Time Out, Health Populi, Horizont, Creativity Online. People even shared their own Masterpiece Recipes online.

> Nearly 45 million people were reached in the first three weeks, with 190% over-delivery on target views.

> 26% over-delivery on number of media at event.

> +9000 articles online (google).

> Total articles over-delivered by 40%.

> Social reach over-delivered by 56%.

> Achieved 5 markets instead of 3. That's 40% over-delivery.

> View Rate: 50% view rate target of 20% is Philips benchmark: campaign is currently over-delivering by an average of 40%.

> KPI versus media investment: every KPI in good shape - delivering at lower cost and higher pace than expected.

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