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For two days at a local coffee shop we created a product called The E-JOLT. We sold it as most powerful, adrenaline-filled item they’ve ever had on their menu. Which was true. Because when someone was brave enough to order it, they didn’t receive the cup of coffee they expected. They received a thrilling ride and track experience in the new 680-horsepower Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid.


To bring this idea to life we partnered with Green Door Coffee. A small Los Angeles coffee shop just a few minutes from the Porsche Experience Center, it was the perfect place to pull off such a logistically-complicated stunt. 


After someone ordered the E-JOLT, our barista let them know it was ready and waiting for them … outside. Their confusion was immediately answered by the sight of the once-hidden car now parked curbside. Within minutes, they were taken to the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles for a high-speed track experience courtesy of a professional driver.

And while the stunt only lasted two days, the effects were felt by millions via viewership both digitally and in Porsche dealerships across the world.


The stunt took off on our social channels:

- In just a few weeks, the film received over 3.2 million views on YouTube

- 6-second teasers used to support to campaign we’re viewed 4.7 million times on Facebook

- Searches for “Panamera” on Google and YouTube increased by 57%

Beyond social:

- The film was picked up by globally by Porsche dealerships for use in marketing materials

- The E-JOLT is now a permanent fixture on café menus at the Porsche Experience Center Atlanta and Los Angeles. Like the activation, when someone orders The E-JOLT, they’ll immediately be whipped around the track in a Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid.

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