Cannes Lions

EA FIFA Sports / Match Day

CUT+RUN, Santa Monica / EA GAMES / 2023

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The brief was to replicate the energy of football fandom from around the world by way of using real locations, real players, and most importantly real fans – because the aim was to entice real football fans and build excitement and a connection with real footie fans and FIFA gamers alike.


Every live action scene features real fans, and we made sure that any fan reaction shots would correspond with the respective team that they were supporting. Due to how much of the spot was shot across the world, there are many cultural references in regards to the teams featured, and the players that were cast (who we weren’t even sure were available to use whilst crafting the offline)! Like editing animation, we used stills/sound FX/stand-in footage to time out shot length. Often we were crafting the offline around what we hoped could be delivered, using footage from real matches/old games. It was a real challenge to build it up without having the final footage. No traditional post or CG work here, just a marriage between what was shot and what FIFA could provide.

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