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Easy Driver

ANTONI, Berlin / DAIMLER / 2017

Demo Film
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A shabby old biker bar along the Route 66. We meet a group of old-fashioned, raw and rough bikers, arm wrestling, fighting, and enjoying music. But the jukebox only plays one song, “Born to be wild” by Steppenwolf. We realize, it is a temple for “Easy Rider”, the iconic 1969 biker movie. There is even a shrine with the film poster starring young Peter Fonda. Everything charmingly stuck in the past. But the harmony gets interrupted. One biker opens the door shouting “Blocked in!”, and in fact, a brand-new Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster blocks in their bikes. What a provocation! But then the impossible happens. Peter Fonda himself walks around the corner. The bikers are stunned and speechless in front of their ultimate idol. He starts the car and leaves with a roaring engine. When Peter Fonda is born to be wild, the GT Roadster is built to be wild.


Mercedes-AMG meets “Easy Rider” meets “The Big Lebowski”. Wanting to show the feeling of ultimate freedom on the road, we quickly came up with the “Easy Driver” idea and luckily cast Peter Fonda to star the movie. While we wanted our hero Peter Fonda to be the guy who developed with the times, and keep his cool, the bikers had to be this weird bunch of older and nostalgic Route 66 bikers, living with their heart and soul in the past. Every extra cast is a character head and visually special in his or her own way. The extra cast was hand-picked by our Oscar-winning directors, who carefully balanced authenticity and weirdness.

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