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Etisalat eLife TV & Broadband is the biggest provider of home internet in the region. To expand usage with existing consumers, they wanted to introduce eLife gaming - where using your home box, you can streaming games on the service by only buying the joystick.

Our objectives was to:

- Create awareness for eLife Gaming

- Increase adoption & usage among the white collar target segment (the ones that already use eLife)


While gaming seems like it's taking over the world, only 22% of UAE media audience game on gaming consoles (GWI, 2018). On another note, the audience for eLife were already an older segment, ranging 30-45 (majority segment in the UAE), whom are less likely to be interested in gaming themselves.

At the same time, gaming now is becoming more complex and intimidating, with game consoles and games getting more difficult and sophisticated.

Our point of view was to democratize gaming, and reigniting the sense of play whatever your age is. We wanted to show anyone can enjoy a game, just by getting a joystick.

As a brand that stands for togetherness, we decided to pursue gaming through the family. Turning gaming into a bonding experience, rather than soloplay.


The campaign started with a series of films, launched online & in cinemas across the UAE, along with outdoors and digital displays to raise awareness for the product.

The idea was simple, anyone can be a gamer - all you need is a joystick.

So the ads should show in-game play as real life situations, highlighting the humor & enjoyment that comes from playing for playing sake, as a way to enjoy bonding and connecting with family.

Each copy was supplemented with online social media tactical edits fit for each channel, shot from the in-game players saying tactical messages about the product, explaining its usage a benefits.


The campaign's showed exceptional achievement in the brand health tracker (Client BHT, Q3 2019)

Showing significant increase over UAE norms across ALL relevant communication metrics:

- 'Branding' was over 14% higher than UAE norm

- 'Interesting' was over 17% higher than UAE norm

- 'Uniqueness' was over 7% higher than UAE Norm

- 'Understanding' was over 28% higher than UAE Norm

- 'Persuasion' was over 7% higher than UAE norm

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