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ENEL, Rome / ENEL / 2017

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Hosting a subject-matter expert and bringing together a panel of a dozen digital influencer to foster discussions and share ideas around topics ranging from innovation to technology to communication. This is Enel Focus On, where Enel is the platform that enables the conversation.

Each event is a chance for Enel to introduce a new feature of its digital ecosystem.


Each Enel Focus On is divided in three different phases:


The starting phase of the event with welcome coffee and warmup. We attract the attention of our guests, and make them feel part of the event and aware to be part of an exclusive preview.


The subject matter experts gave a speech around a topic mentioning Enel's Open Power approach in that specific field. (ie David Rowan, Wired Uk Editor in Chief - The magic opportunities created by of open power platform or Chris Anderson, author of the Long Tail - Open Innovation & Startup)


The influencers will check the new digital feature through a go live experience during the event. At the end, a light lunch and a networking opportunity with Enel’s top management.


Enel Focus On in Rome - September 22, 2016

Tier 1:

Influencers involved: 18

Original posts: 248

Potential Reach: 1,2M

Twitter Impressions: 19k

Interactions: 1,5k

Tier 2:

The Influencers involved showed their interest about the and about the #EnelFocusOn event which was interesting and engaging. The participants really appreciated the event not only for the big reveal for but also for the location, the general organization and the participation of the CEO Francesco Starace.

Enel Focus On London - November 22, 2016

Tier 1:

Influencers involved: 20

Original posts: 278

Potential Reach: 445k

Twitter Impressions: 40k

Interactions: 3,3k

Tier two:

Lots of interest for the Enel Data twitter account, presented during the Enel Focus On, and launched to deliver an engaging platform for Data Visualization, making corporate and industry facts more accessible and easier to share.

Enel Focus On San Francisco - March 7 2017

Tier 1:

Influencers involved: 23

Original posts: 317

Potential Reach: 64,7M

Twitter Impressions: 337k

Interactions: 6k

Tier 2:

In this event, we involved influncers coming from LatAm countries, an area where we have recently rebranded our branches. They were very enthusiastic to know that a giant utility is collaborating with startups.

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