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WMX, Culver City / GENERAL MILLS / 2022

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Cinnamon Toast Crunch came to WMX with a challenge: How can we hack tween boredom? How can we reach Latinx tweens ages 10-14 with playfully absurd content to bust their quarantine boredom?


• Elevate Cinnamon Toast Crunch’s cultural relevance and drive top of mind awareness amongst Tween and Tween Latinx audiences

• Leverage the Cinnamojis and their absurd antics to hack Tween boredom and position Cinnamon Toast Crunch as the catalyst that ignites imagination

• Utilize premium placements (high impact video & social) to engage consumers

Deliver against key metrics:

• Total program: Increased brand lift measured by Kantar Context Lab

• Video: Video views & view rate

• Display: Clicks & click rate

• Social: Reactions & engagement


The target audience is tricky for all advertisers: Latinx tweens ages 10-14. Our strategy influenced every aspect of our project from creative to media planning: we targeted the intersection of gaming and music, two verticals we know our audience loves and which tend to skew younger, performing well with Latinx consumers.


We decided to hack Tween boredom with an interactive music video inspired by Cinnamoji-fueled absurdity.

We created an interactive music video that transports audiences Into the Cinnaverse. We featured Meet Me @ The Altar, a pop punk rock group that is part of the Warner Music Group family.

This interactive music video lived on within a custom landing page and non-interactive version of the video lived on YouTube as the band’s official music video.we promoted the custom music video on Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram, and supported it with a Music Takeover and High-Impact Rotational Media on


We partnered with viral punk band Meet Me @ The Altar to make a gamified, interactive video for their song “Wake Up.” A choose-your-own-adventure, absurd blast featuring CTC’s mascot, the Cinnamoji disrupting the boredom of the band members.


The General Mills partnership was a success, over-delivering on all media packages and delivering on all contracted elements. The campaign over-delivered against contracted views and showed strong performance against the target audience. This proved that users felt compelled by the content and found it culturally relevant.

The campaign saw high engagement across the custom video and social content, reinforcing Cinnamon Toast Crunch as a culturally relevant powerhouse in the cereal space.

Key highlights include:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch x UPROXX custom music video: delivered 1MM+ video views (750k contracted)

Social amplification of the custom video: reached a combined 1.1MM people

Social Seeding and Targeted Snapchat Ads: reached a combined 8MM+ people

Social delivery for the custom video exceeded UPROXX benchmarks:

1.9MM impressions delivered (against 300k benchmark)

1M views delivered (against 150k benchmark)

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