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DENTSU, Tokyo / TOYOTA / 2012







‘Charged emergency information to whole country’Rode around damaged areas with broadcast equipment/PC loaded on Estima Hybrid. Broadcasted the situation in real time where they couldn't access the information due to loss of electricity.‘Charged hope to the students'High-schools in damaged areas without enough electricity. ESTIMA-HYBRID provided electricity for their school festival and held concerts.‘Charged memory to the children’Onagawa-cho, where most houses were lost by Tsunami: Estima Hybrid provided electricity and played movies about their hometown to the children under the sky.‘Charged the revival power to Japan’Sales of vegetables from damaged areas have decreased, while shortage of electricity in Tokyo continued. Estima Hybrid provided electricity for holding a farmer's market festival.


These actions were covered by 20 TV programs, 30 newspapers, 8 magazines and 145 web news. Effect was more than US$6m conversion of advertising costs.This highly improved the image of Estima Hybrid, and above all, regained people's smiles after the earthquake.

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