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Every Step Counts

W, Shanghai / NEW BALANCE / 2016


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1. The year 2016 marks the 110th anniversary of New Balance. On this occasion, how to tell the story in a precise and unequivocal manner of the brand that enjoys a history of over a hundred years?

2. This brand continues to employ Li Zongsheng to publicize its product. So, how to promote a trendy brand with a 58-year-old star?

3. As a global brand, it should be more careful when spreading its products. And this time it will spread itself all over Asia, how to make consumers in different regions of Asia receive the same message about its brand?

These are all things to be considered in this brand campaign.


Combine the life story of the star with the brand spirit and blaze the trail of the “autobiographical” documentary.

Use the life story of Li Zongsheng as the chief source in an innovative manner and bring out the slogan “Every Step Counts” and the over-hundred-year brand spirit of New Balance and thus carry it out as Li’s life story is dictated and the documentary develops. On the merit of Li’s image and reputation, this brand is represented in an emotional and spiritual fashion. After this documentary is released, it is dubbed the unprecedentedly untraditional ad, greatly changing the model of traditional advertisement.


Connect the brand values with consumers in line with the cultural characteristics of the region.

This documentary is, according to Li’s experiences, divided into five chapters, that is, five cities, showing the views of life paths under different circumstances and experiences so as to connect its values with consumers.

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