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To attract new users and increase loyalty of Evian in London. Launch of the Evian Lido. The Evian logo is emblazoned on the bottom of the pool and is visible from inside the Lido and from passing trains and planes reaching an untold number of train and airline passengers. Raised awareness of the Evian Lido through the use of London Underground’s own advertising promotional sites , the LED messages (“Ultimate refreshment - a swim at the Evian Lido Brockwell Park SE24 -nearest tube Brixton”) on the 6 sheets and a unique site at the Brixton tube station itself.

A programme of events has subsequently been put together to make the Lido the destination for the style leaders of London, featuring house and garage festivals providing an opportunity for consumers to spend time with brand.“Cool Tube” activity. Sampling and innovative advertising during the hottest months on the world’s sweatiest commuter transport system, London Underground.Evian maintained an ongoing, impactful presence through ownership of the Oxford Circus “5 Ways” corridor, several key 6 sheets (including LED scrolling messages) at each station and co-branded promotion on London Underground’s own advertising/promotional 4 sheets across the network.The activity was truly brought alive through a “sampling first” with 200,000 bottles of chilled Evian given out in morning rush hour along with guides to refreshment and underground information. Reaching consumers at a highly relevant time on key days when the weather was at its hottest. The media team inspired and implemented the “ultimate refreshment” campaign for a hot and sticky London. We connected with consumers when they would be most open and in need of Evian and the “Ultimate Refreshment” message with:The launch of the Evian Lido in central London with the Evian logo emblazoned on the bottom of the pool.The sampling of chilled Evian and innovative advertising on London’s sweaty underground throughout London’s hottest month.It delivered the highest ever monthly sales of Evian in the UK.


The media team inspired and implemented the “ultimate refreshment” campaign for a hot and sticky London.

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