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Extraordinary Challenges

DEUTSCH, New York / PWC / 2017

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PwC helps many of the world’s largest companies take on enormous, complex challenges – from using big data to fight cancer to helping jumpstart veterans’ careers on the home front. Yet most people have no idea. We needed to show our audience of C-suite decision-makers the extremely complicated work that PwC does in an understandable, engaging way. To show the work PwC does, we created the Extraordinary Challenges website where we presented interactive, 3-D animated stories that bring some of PwC’s most extraordinary projects to life.

We took simple, everyday objects and opened them up, revealing intricate dioramas they could explore. Each compartment told a story, from research to engineering to logistics and everything in between. Beautifully rendered 3-D environments, extensive motion-capture animation, and reactive sound design create an immersive experience that is both educational and entertaining, proving why PwC are the right people to get the extraordinary done.


The first phase of the project involved 12 animators, 184 motion capture sequences on 25 different cameras, 753 individual 3-D models, and over 375,000 hours of rendering time. And for phase 2 we added 10 more team members of 3D, 2D and motion GFX artists and 376,320 hours of rendering time over the course of 40 weeks.


- Over 50% advertising recall (post exposure) up from 20% last year

- Campaign delivered strong associations of new, unexpected capabilities and a more versatile, modern PwC – 3 in 5 say the campaign delivered a sense of newness or greater relevance of PwC, with 1 in 5 saying the campaign reinforced their already positive perception

- Overall bounce rate decreased by 9 percentage points

- Desktop bounce rate decreased by 9.3% (or 11 percentage points)

- Tablet bounce rate decreased by 20% (or 17 percentage points)

- Mobile bounce rate decreased by 8.8% (or 7 percentage points)

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