Cannes Lions

Hidden Influencers

PwC, New York / PWC / 2019







The film is designed to speak to both the healthcare professional and the average patient, all of whom are affected by the topics the piece focusses on. By setting the video on a city street and including multiple sections of society allows the viewer to witness the storyline from various different perspectives, creating a non linear narrative.


The film focuses on the future of healthcare and the social and behavioral determents of everyday health. It begins by following an average teen down a street full of everyday people. The audience is then introduced to hidden influencers that are determined by our behaviors and by social and environmental conditions, including education, income, nutrition and housing. To have a meaningful impact on health outcomes and expenses, we need to reach people where they live, work and play through upstream interventions including preventive medicine, social needs support and community collaborations. Data and statistics are visualized through onscreen graphics / emphasized sound. The scene resets several times as perspectives change and details go deeper. Following the barriers and variables, the last scene reboot offers potential solutions with a full view of “the big picture” that ends on a humanity check, in that there is an individual human being behind the data.

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