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INITIATIVE, London / PWC / 2010

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Dominating Copenhagen airport with an outdoor campaign timed to coincide with two crucial events on the global S&CC calendar (World Business Summit in May, and CoP15 in December) provided the solution. Combining this with local press activation, we ensured relevant reach and impact, at a cost efficient price.Given the nature of the conferences, PwC could engage with all their audiences simultaneously in an ‘opt-in’ environment – guaranteeing the right frame of mind to absorb PwC’s message.Working closely with the ad agency we created a high visibility campaign with a strong narrative thread, through a combination of gatebridge network takeovers, baggage reclaim special formats, high-visibility lightboxes in transit and large outdoor formats on exit. From the moment the attendees stepped off the plane, on their journey through the airport and as they departed to the City, they could not miss the ‘Ready’ message.


• PwC achieved unrivalled standout at Copenhagen; “Ready” was referenced by speakers during the conference opening, and PwC received 21 press mentions - far outweighing the big three competitors, who received no mentions.• Increased traffic to ‘’ (13,394 visits), mostly from high-profile corporate domains, indicated PwC was cementing their position as ‘the’ authority on S&CC.• Internally, PwC went ‘Ready crazy’; local offices activated the campaign, and sustainability became a strong selling point across every aspect of their business.• Most impressively, PwC won three substantial projects in the S&CC arena, off the back of their COP15 visibility.

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