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VML LONDON, London / PWC / 2015

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A video that describes how emerging technologies will have an impact on people's lives and how businesses must be ahead of the curve if they want to continue to stay relevant and succeed. The campaign was created to build PwC's reputation as a thought leader and a change agent for what's ahead of us.


The campaign came to life on a branded editorial microsite,, and in social channels. The site incorporated a vibrant lead-driving blog with articles, events and real-time digital statistics, inviting the audience to start a journey with PwC. It also had 5 embedded films that focused on different areas PwC’s expertise, depicting the near future technological achievements.


In the first few weeks, and considering the campaign was targeted at a relatively small audience, the microsite had +75.000 unique visits with an amazing average visit time of 4 minutes and 32 seconds. Also, the return rate reached nearly 40%. The videos we’re watched nearly 300.000 times which we can state that in average each visitor saw at least 4 of the 5 videos. The whole campaign, which had this microsite as its core platform, is one of the most successful in PwC’s history and over the course of 2014 and beginning of 2015, their digital business increased 20% in sales. However it was the campaign’s key metric, the perception of PwC’s digital capability, that really began to shift when publications such as WIRED and B2B Marketing praised them as “digital superstars”.

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