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VML LONDON, London / PWC / 2015

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PwC needed to build its reputation as an organisation capable of delivering digital transformation projects. They needed to reach out and influence a niche target market of key decision makers, senior business executives and managing directors, to increase their consideration of PwC as the business partner for present and future projects. So instead of keeping pace with every other consulting company, PwC leaped forward and future-casted the near future reality for both brands and consumers. The result is a single-minded proposition inviting its core target audience to think and redefine their digital strategy. "The world is in beta" is a series of 5 online films that lived on the editorial microsite and in social channels. They featured different areas of PwC expertises, client industries and socio-economic aspect of daily life as it represented an urge to be ahead of the curve, if a business wishes to thrive in a constantly disrupted world.

Considering the campaign was targeted at a relatively small audience, it garnered an astonishing 30,000,000 reach on Twitter. PwC's followership on LinkedIn by 190% and had a total of +300,000 views on the brand's Youtube channel as a result of the campaign activity. The website had an amazing average visit time of 4'32" with a return rate of nearly 40%. PwC's digital business increased 20% in sales. However it was the campaigns key metric, the perception of PwC’s digital capability, that really began to shift when publications such as WIRED and B2B Marketing praised them as “digital superstars".


The campaign came to life in a series of five online films that lived on the editorial microsite and in social channels. Each film focused on a different area of PwC expertise, client industries and socio-economic aspect of daily life. The films were delivered primarily on social media, targeting our niche audience and inviting them to visit the microsite. The site incorporated a vibrant lead-driving blog with articles, videos, events and real-time digital statistics, inviting the audience to start a journey with PwC.


Output/Awareness: The campaign was massively well received as the print and digital press as well as some key decision makers that praised it publicly on social media and privately over meetings and e-mails. A number of influential individuals have added their voice to the social campaign including AirBnB, PAC Analysts, Gartner, Pearson, The Economist, MIT, Dubai Police and BNP Paribas.

A recent piece of digital banking content prompting a debate on LinkedIn between senior individuals at the likes of Barclays, Santander, Visa, Lloyds, Co-op Bank and RBS.

Knowledge/Consideration: 30,000,000 reach on Twitter, praised as "Digital Superstars" by B2b Marketing and Wired reference to it was "This campaign spoke Wired".

Action/Business Impact: 190% increase in Linkedin followers, 20% increase in digital sales across 2014 and 2015, an average of 4'32" spent on the website with nearly 40% of visitors returning. Average visited pages: 2.19 and +300.000 views on the youtube channel.

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