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Fair Tales

PUNCHBBDO, İstanbul / ODEABANK / 2021

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Turkey is the 130th among 153 countries in Gender Equality Rankings,

Odeabank, a modern and innovative bank in Turkey, believes in a ‘gender equal’ world to create strong economies. They signed the UN’s ‘Women’s Empowerment Principles’ to support equal rights.

Gender Equality is a topic Odeabank has embraced bought internally and externally. Odeabank also has been holding a Social Gender Equality Seminar for its employees in cooperation with the "Esitlige Deger" (Value for Equality) initiative of the Mother-Child Education Foundation (AÇEV) to raise awareness of social gender equality in Turkey. More than 350 employees have taken part in these seminars.

With this perspective, our brief was to create a CSR campaign that will raise awareness of gender inequality and help change the gender norms in the long run.


All the stereotyped gender norms come from our families, our childhood.

When we deep dive into the stories we remember from our childhood, the most common one is the world-famous Fairy Tales.

Tales with unequal gender roles where women are almost always in need of rescuing by strong, handsome men.

The idea was to re-create Fairy Tales as Fair Tales. To re-tell the stories that we all know by equalizing the gender roles.

Five famous fairy tales were re-told with gender-equal perspective with Can Yayinlari (The number one publishing house in Turkey) in collaboration with child psychologists and 'The Fair Tales' came into life with brave princesses, fair princes, and good-hearted kings and queens.


At the ages 3-6, children start to differentiate the differences between genders. In the families, the gender roles are given to boys and girls the minute they are born through the phrases they are told to the color they wear.

That's why we targeted parents with children between 3-10 years; teachers & children between the ages 5-10.

Working with a child psychologist we re-wrote the classic tales that have been around for centuries.

We aimed to teach children the concept of equality between women & men with the message ''Let the children wake up to an equal tomorrow''. We wanted to raise awareness of the gender norms and change the perspective of both adults and children by showing them equality is possible even in the context of the oldest and most known fairy tales known to humanity.


Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Frog Prince and Snow White are revised. In Red Riding Hood, the little girl is no longer insecure and helpless. In Cinderella, there is no evil stepmother, and the famous shoe is replaced with knowledge. In Rapunzel, the evil witch is transformed into a kind-hearted woman who works for the best of society and Rapunzel is a fearless fighter.

Our books were distributed at Odebank branches for free, delivered to schools & teachers, shared on YouTube.

Along with the books, badges and bookmarks were delivered in the press kits for the press, opinion leaders, and influencers.

A short animated film with a very special soundtrack launched the campaign. Nova Norda, the famous singer known for her stance on women’s issues, wrote and recorded a song for Fair Tales.

The film illustrated the plot changes and the equal nature of the new, Fair Tales.


With our campaign, we reached 3,561,432 adults and children.

We achieved 51M impressions. Our Fair Tales animation was watched 9.3M times. 65K people read our manifest. We achieved a total of 11.8M cumulated (duplicated) access in all categories.

Our high reach raised awareness in 138 news reports organically.

120,470 of our books met with children at Odeabank branches. We distributed our books in schools. Teachers read our stories in class and kids loved the new stories. To the children whom we couldn’t reach physically, we did a fairy tale reading session on YouTube. We targeted adults with children, teachers and after our paid social strategy, in Top of Mind scores, we received a 24.72% uplift score. People associated Odeabank with Fair Tales. We located outdoors where there is high traffic and white-collar go to work. With our campaign, we got the attention of not only families but the whole society.

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