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Galaxy aimed to promote two principles of Ramadan - sharing and charity. However, the challenge we faced was that during the festive season the chocolate industry typically experiences a 30% decline due to heavy consumption of Middle Eastern desserts and salty snacks.

To overcome this challenge, our brand decided to bring together two cultural behaviors - sharing and charity - into their campaign. The company leveraged their product, which was specifically designed to be shared and consumed by a group due to its variety of flavors packed into one box.

The objectives were, (1)To boost volume share by 15% compared to the previous year, (2) support 100K+ families, (3) regain market share by 5% to offset any losses caused by other categories and to rise above competition in the desserts category and to escalate sales by 5% (4) Increase brand awareness +3 vs previous Ramadan.


We found our BIG IDEA in a family literally named ‘generosity’ … that we turned into an insightful integrated campaign, every Arab family could relate to

We created the Karam family…

Abu Karim (father of generosity)

Om Karim (mother of generosity)

Karam (generosity)

Akram (more generous)

Karima (female generosity)

Each with a familiar Arab name… that was a different variation of the word generosity.

The campaign mechanics were simple: Every box you bought - a box of food and a box of our product were donated to charity food banks across the entire region.

The Karam family invited you join them by simply writing a Ramadan wish, posting it online using the hashtag #FamilyofGenerosity… And a family in need would get food boxes with your wish on it.


Generosity has no age limits, so like the Karam family our target audience ranged from young adults to senior citizens, all of which we could reach across differing touch points based on affinities.

Culturally, consumers are heavily influenced by their Islamic traditions, with Ramadan being a particularly important time of year. People tend to focus on spending time with family, practicing generosity and charity. To ensure we cut-through in Ramadan, we decided to combine the two behaviors: sharing and charity in our campaigns reflecting the pillars of Ramadan.


The media campaign for Ramadan started two weeks before the holy month began, with the goal of being at the forefront of the audience's mind from the start of the season and building up to the peak of generosity during Eid of Fitr across Saudi, UAE, Egypt.

The focus was primarily on video platforms, with a 30-second video promoting the themes of sharing, hosting, and gifting. To increase visibility, the plan utilized a variety of media channels such as TV, YouTube, Snapchat lens, META Instant experience, and Gaming platforms. Additionally, the team took over Shahid's homepage and created high levels of Share of Voice through pre-rolls and mid-rolls. As Eid approached, the spirit of generosity was extended to moviegoers with a gift pack placed under their seats.

The overall goal of the campaign was to spread the message of generosity and increase visibility during the holy month of Ramadan.


The campaign was a huge success, reaching over 200 million views across the MENA region and 60.3M people. Twitter pre-rolls saw a viewing rate of 50% and on VIU, the click-through rate was 3% higher than seasonal benchmark. On TV, reach and GRPS KPIs were exceeded, while Ad Colony saw a VCR of 87% and an engagement rate of 13%, more than doubling the typical benchmark. 

Whilst category consumption typically falls by approximately 30% during Ramadan, the campaign exceeded all expectations. Brand's volume grew by 22% and brand recognition saw an uplift of 6 points in a highly cluttered and competitive season.

The brand also demonstrated its commitment to giving back by donating over 100,000 meal boxes however the brand managed to feed more than 350,000 families. By encouraging audience participation, the brand's "generosity family" grew from 5 individuals to 500,000 in just one month across the region.

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