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AB INBEV, Mexico City / CORONA / 2019

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Mexicans are among the biggest soccer fanatics in the world, and, since childhood, most of them dream of being part of the National Team. Every match, tournament and World Cup, millions of Mexicans dress in green to unite with the 11 players that embody each of them for 90 minutes. Corona is aware of this, which is why we sponsor “El Tri,” and many other Mexican soccer teams; we know we are part of the culture, and the direct impact this sport has upon the emotions of many people. Therefore, for our campaign “La Suerte No Juega”, Corona wants every Mexican to feel part of the National Team in a unique way during the 2018 Russian World Cup.


Imagine if you could have your own face on a Corona can. For the first time ever, fans will be able to see their avatars on the product they love, and make their dreams come true: become part of the National Soccer Team. For this, Corona developed a platform where fans can create their own avatars and become player number 24.


The 2018 Russian World Cup was a national phenomenon. Corona, being part of soccer culture in Mexico, the best-selling beer in the country and one of the brands with more fan interaction on social media, touched one of the deepest insights in Mexican culture: to be part of the National Team. With this knowledge, we took advantage of digital platforms and soccer culture to create the first cans in the market featuring the faces of each and every Mexican. Because there are not 11 players on the field, but 120 million.


A website was designed to allow Mexicans to create, from various options, their avatar in the style that better portrayed them. After creating it, they could share their avatar on social media, using the campaign’s #JuegaMéxico. Afterwards, Mexicans could place their avatar on a Corona can, and print their personalized Corona Extra with their own National Team avatar in a specialized center.


We impacted 28M Mexicans.

More than 48% shared it on social media.

More than 600K Facebook and Twitter profile pictures were created.

More than 1.3M cans were sold and sent to fans.

Consumer love grew in a way never seen before, making Corona the brand most associated with the World Cup. In Russia 2018, not only the Mexican National Team played… All Mexicans did.

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