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WIEDEN+KENNEDY, Portland / CORONA / 2023

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Our phones can feel like our lifelines for everything: from our lives to our jobs, even to our wallets. So it’s incredibly stressful when they run out of battery. Corona wanted to take this routine moment of stress and turn it into an opportunity to relax with friends over a beer.


A dying phone without any way to charge it is stressful. Especially, when you’re out for drinks. Corona is a brand synonymous with relaxation, so we found a way to turn the stress of a low battery into a relaxing round of Coronas.

On the Winelivery App, an alcohol delivery service, Corona checked users’ battery levels to determine if they were in need of a charge. If the users’ battery was below 20%, they were served a custom message that allowed them to order free Corona right to their door.

And to extend the experience to people with dying phones out at bars, we built a custom refrigerator filled with Corona that could only be unlocked with a phone with low battery. The Corona Recharge fridge turned the stress of a dying phone into a relaxing round of Coronas.


Corona is a brand synonymous with relaxation, so we targeted some of the most stressed out individuals in any bar or restaurant: people with low phone batteries, hunting for power. They may think of a dying phone as being disconnected from the world, but from Corona’s point of view, being away from your phone is actually an opportunity to live in the moment, enjoy time with friends, and reconnect with the things in life that really matter.


During peak aperitivo hours, people with batteries below 20% were served a push notification–they could go on the Winelivery app to confirm their low batteries and were rewarded with free Coronas, delivered straight to their homes. This promotion went on for four weeks, allowing participants in Italy to engage with Corona Recharge digitally.

Then, we built a custom refrigerator filled with Coronas that could only be unlocked with a dying phone’s battery. The fridge was installed at Deus Cafe Isola in Milan, Italy, where bar-goers could go after work and interact with the fridge in real-time. Most of the patrons came in with drained batteries after a day of work and were surprised with a free round of Coronas. This activation was live for a week at the physical location.


This campaign had an 86.6% uplift in sales, and put Corona in first place for market share on the app, at 10.2%, four places higher than the brand was in the previous period.

It reached 3.4 million consumers, 119% more than the KPI, and surpassed impression KPIs by 141%. It also had 8.7 million impressions across digital channels, with earned media at 49k and a PR reach of 9.9 million.

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